US Equity Partners Holdings, LLC (USEPH) is a global, full-service energy infrastructure, industrial, petroleum, green energy and commodity trading company with a world-wide network of suppliers and resources.  USEPH is registered in Delaware and Connecticut and headquartered in New York, NY USA. USEPH is currently engaged in a number of large international projects and anticipates substantially broadening its activities and relationships.



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  • Worldwide Funding, Design, Structuring, Upgrading, Operation and Management of Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Projects.
  • Global economic, political and business risks evaluation in potential overseas investments and opportunities
  • Global intelligence consultancy services
  • Funding, Purchase and Leasing of Passenger and Cargo Aircrafts
  • Design, Upgrade and Management of Oil Refineries
  • Precious Metals and Mines
  • Global Commodity Trading
  • Purchase, Sale and Processing of Crude Oil
  • Purchase and Sale of Refined Petroleum Products
  • Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Global Logistics and Transportation
  • Purchase and Sale of Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Products and Equipment


US Equity Partners Holdings is currently involved in the acquisition, construction and upgrading of energy infrastructure and green energy projects, storage facilities, pipelines and refineries in North and South America, Europe and South East Asia. We are also working on manufacturing and marketing of new breakthrough patented energy technologies.




Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Projects  •  Crude Oil Processing Agreements


If you are interested in participating in our energy infrastructure / industrial projects, crude oil or refined petroleum products transactions, or to be an approved subcontractor or vendor, please kindly contact us directly at: +1 203 861 6616, or email us your inquiries at: projects@useph.com


We have crude oil available to the qualified refineries and we will provide the necessary funds to purchase the crude oil under a processing agreement (crude oil is not available as outright sale contracts). Please contact us for details.