Mr. Behzad Farahani

Mr. Behzad Farahani is US Equity Partners Holdings' acting President and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Farahani is an engineer and international entrepreneur with substantial accomplishments in numerous fields, whose current focus is on  energy infrastructure projects and the purchase and sale of commodities on an international basis. Mr. Farahani received his early university training in mathematics, physics and structural engineering, but after receiving his MS in engineering, switched to architecture and international business transactions.


Mr. Farahani has been involved in the design and construction of refineries, commercial wind and solar projects, oil and gas pipelines, and storage facilities in numerous countries. He has designed and been involved in the construction of airports, shopping centers, malls, amphitheaters, hotels, motels, casinos, night clubs and restaurants, satellite cities, luxury estates and compounds, and condominiums.


Mr. Farahani founded Art & Science International, Inc. ( in 1995. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greenwich-based company. Mr. Farahani is a licensed general contractor in Connecticut and New York. He has been involved in designing and building luxury residential and commercial projects internationally since 1974. Mr. Farahani has designed and built on spec some of the largest and most expensive mansions sold in the United States. He designed and built the most expensive custom home on speculation in the history of the United States in Greenwich, CT in 1994.


Mr. Farahani is a philanthropist and founded the Behzad Farahani Foundation in 2004, dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children in the United States and abroad, and to assist teachers and soldiers. He has contributed countless hours of service on the advisory boards for a wide range of organizations. Behzad Farahani foundation focuses primarily on assisting orphanages.


Mr. Farahani had numerous private and public exhibitions for his paintings, sculptures and custom furniture designs in many countries since 1971. Mr. Farahani, having lived in six countries, has a broad range of relationships in the real estate, business and commodities sectors. Mr. Farahani has resided in Greenwich, CT USA since 1987.


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